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Reduce churn up to 40% with a better cancellation experience. Lastly, understand why customers leave and grow your customers' LTV.

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"Clickout is incredibly simple to use, and the ROI makes it a no-brainer. Now we are able to collect important churn statistics without continually soliciting engineering assistance.”

María Sanz @ Edify

“Our marketing team was able to create the ideal exit funnel with Clickout, which enhances LTV, lowers churn, and provides us with the necessary data to reactivate users.”

Carlos Pérez @ Productea

“Before using Clickout, we were unable to act on the information that customers were providing us at the point of cancellation. Clickout has changed the way we work on our retention strategy.”

Besnik Kosova CEO @ fakeCompany

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per month

Up to 100 cancellations/month

  • Branded cancellation flow
  • Billing platform integrations
  • Insights & Analytics
  • 3 offboarding flows


per month

Up to 500 cancellations/month

  • Branded cancellation flow
  • Unlimited integrations (Billing, CRM & CDP)
  • Insights & Analytics
  • Unlimited offboarding flows
  • Multi-language
  • A/B Testing


Unlimited cancellations/month

  • AI Insights
  • Delinquent Churn
  • Session Recordings
  • Clickout API

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