Introducing Clickout

December 6, 2022
Introducing Clickout

Introducing Clickout! 


It’s our first post here, and today we would like to share why we started building Clickout and how you can benefit from it if you have a digital subscription business and looking to improve customer retention.

But first of all, we’d like to share a little more about us & our mission.

Clickout has born to help subscription companies retain more customers and grow LTV, while bringing a better cancellation experience to the final users.

Currently, most of subscription companies include some dark patterns on their cancellation flow or, what is worse, the don’t include anything into their app. Customers become frustrated and end their relationship with a bad experience = They won’t come back.

Clickout is here to help them automate all this process while bringing a great experience to the final user and increasing options to each business of returning their users back.

Why Clickout?

We started from scratch, talking with many SaaS founders from Spain to the rest of the world.

After seeing that some of them were facing their main problems around churn (primary headache besides the rest of things), we’ve seen that lots of them are trying to improve user retention, but none is focused on the offboarding process (just have automated emails that basically do not reactivate customers!)

Many customers have more sensibility in terms of pricing or others who would like just to stop their subscription for a while.

So we thought:

Why not launch a product that helps others create dynamic offboarding flows to retain more customers depending on who is cancelling and the reasons why they are doing it?

And here it is.

Clickout Offboarding Flows

The process to start using it is so simple, and the benefits are clear:

  • Integrate with your current payment provider.
  • Create segmented cancellation flows in less than an hour.
  • Start saving 10–20% of users who are cancelling today.
  • Collect insightful feedback and build a better product.

With Clickout, you can create tailored offboarding flows for each of your customer audiences, based on their individual needs and preferences. This allows you to provide a personalized experience that is designed to retain your customers and prevent them from canceling their subscription.

Don't let your customers slip away – try our customer retention software today and start retaining more of your valuable customers.

Book your demo and we’ll help.

100% ROI guaranteed.

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